[3view] 3view Digest, Vol 12, Issue 1

Chris Guerin Chris.Guerin at irc.vib-UGent.be
Thu Oct 29 12:15:08 CET 2015

Hi Everyone:

	We too have heard that there is a new detector but according to our service engineer it is still in prototype and not yet available for beta testing. 

	We have been having an occasional and almost complete loss of contrast in our system which spontaneously repairs after a period of rest. Anyone else ever seen this?

	I'd also like to let everyone know that there will be another 3D correlative microscopy meeting sponsored by Zeiss next year at EMBL, followed by a 3View users group as we did last time here in Ghent. It is being organized by Yannick and Nicole from EMBL, Robert from Zeiss and Saskia and I from VIB. The dates are March 13-16 for the CLEM meeting and the 17th for the 3View. Registration for the CLEM meeting is already open at  http://www.embl.de/training/events/2016/ZEI16-01/index.htm. Hope to see you all there.

best from Ghent

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