[3view] Motor problems on 3ViewXP2 stage

Jean-Marc Verbavatz verbavat at mpi-cbg.de
Wed Oct 29 14:19:16 CET 2014

Dear all,

We have a 3View XP2 and we often use it for montaging in order to acquire
large fields of view. This involves moving the stage as many times as
there are tiles in the image between cuts.

For several months now, we have been having recurrent problems with that:

- after a number of cuts, the stage suddenly goes to a wrong and
completely different position during the tiling (i.e. between 2 tiles of a
section). Both the position and stage X,Y values are wrong as though the
software was giving bad instructions to the stage.

- or the process just stops and says it can't move the the next tile
(despite it did on the cuts before).

- and the motors are sometimes making loud mechanical noises. But this is
not directly related to the failures above (i.e. not necessarily at the
same time).

The 2 motors were replaced in july by Gatan. In the very beginning it
didn't help. After some software tweaking from Gatan it worked for some
time, but now the problems are back again :(

1 - Anyone also using 3View montaging on a routine basis ?
2 - Anyone also having issues with stage movements on a 3View ?

I'm curious ...

kind regards,


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