[3view] movement of the 3View knife

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> people the system, so didn't have a chance to look into it.  I get a
> similar effect if I move the knife to 600µm (for example), then change my
> mind and try to move to 500µm without going back to the retract position.

On our system if i move to 600µm (or any value in the range) and then want
to change to another position, whatever it is, i have to retract first:
otherwise the knife doesn't move at all ...
A little surprising first but not a major problem, unlike the knife
stopping in the middle of a cut !



> Mine did clear initially, but restarted during approach.  I ended up
> restarting the 3 boxes and it was fine after that.  I've not seen it
> since.
> No errors that I can remember, though I was a bit flustered as I had lots
> of people keen to see their data in the room, so my main concern was to
> get it working quickly rather than trouble shoot.
> Not sure that helps, but at least we have more than one occurrence.
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> Subject: [3view] movement of the 3View knife
> Hi everyone,
> in Ghent we noticed that the horizontal movement of the 3View knife (from
> 0-1200 um) is not always occurring in 1 smooth stroke, but the knife stops
> for a brief moment in 2 positions. We noticed this during the approach.
> When we stop the cutting and restart the 'phenomenon' does not take place
> anymore. Of course, we want to be sure that this does not happen during
> the actual acquisition.
> Has anyone noticed this before?
> Thank you for your response,
> Saskia
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